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Project and Project management 15 ECTS

Published: 12 April 2019

The course for those who want to develop your ability to lead complex business and business projects.

Here you get different perspectives on projects and project implementation, based on the latest results from applied research. Exchange of experience and reflection on project work in different organizations is an important part of learning.

The course contains

The course consists of four modules.

1. Successful projects (3 credits)
What is a successful project? Are there different perspectives and does it matter? How and when can one measure and evaluate whether a project is successful? How are the conditions for successful projects created? What does project maturity mean, for project participants, clients, project owners and steering group?

2. Effective project team (3 hp)
What are effective teams? What conditions are needed to create effective teams? What is effective project management?   How can effective project management be achieved?

3. Improvement work (3 credits)
What does improvement work mean and "Continuous improvements"? How to achieve continuous improvement work? What does value creation and efficiency mean in project-based organizations? How can improvement work be carried out in and between projects? How can experience feedback and learning be achieved in and between projects?

4. In-depth assignment (6p)
In-depth study with connection to the real case in the own (and others) organizations. Study, analyze, draw conclusions and make recommendations. Presentation and discussion of cases and results.

Three seminars are given per module, one every two weeks, where all participants meet during a ½ day. Seminars are conducted in the form of lectures and smaller group work. Own studies and assignments are included between the seminar sessions. Course literature (book / compendium and articles) is included in the fee. The course diploma is obtained for active participation, and higher education credits when performing assignments (optional).


Fredrik Backlund is Assistant Professor of Quality Technology at Luleå University of Technology with more than 15 years of experience in teaching and works with various research assignments within project-based organizations.




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