Korta vägen

An opportunity for foreign academics to get a job and for companies / organizations to find new skills.

Start date: April 9, 2018

Last application date: As soon as possible, or by March 26

Next round starts: October 2018

Korta vägen is suitable for people with academic education in the following areas:

  • Technology, data, or science
  • Social or behavioral science
  • Economics, trade, marketing or administration
  • Pedagogy
  • Care and medicine

The Korta Vägen program is aimed at persons who are foreign-speaking academics who have been living in Sweden for a few years. You must have a university degree or have studied at least three years at university in your home country.

The length of the program is 3-6 months and consists of education and practice. The program primarily improves the ability of the participants to get a job that is in line with their academic education and, secondly, they are prepared for university studies aimed at supplementing their foreign education.

This is part of the Korta Vägen program

The short way includes vocational education in Swedish, Swedish social life and the Swedish code, as well as information about the labor market, administrations, authorities and the Swedish university system. In addition to this, there are also:

  • Mapping of the students' academic skills and work experience
  • Professional and study guidance
  • Internship within the participants' field of study
  • Training in writing CV, personal letter and preparation for job interviews

Are you foreign academics and want to participate?

If you have a university education of at least 3 years and come from an non-nordic country, you can apply to Korta vägen.

Send your CV and personal letter to Arbetsförmedlingen in Luleå:

Sergei Tougoumov 010-487 04 48

Does your company / organization want to receive a trainee?

If you are interested in receiving a trainee, the first step is to contact the project manager for Korta vägen. Then a practical interview with one or more candidates follows. If you want to proceed, appropriate tasks are discussed.

The purpose of practice is to get an insight into Swedish working life, and it is an advantage if the practice is linked to the academic background. The internship period may range from two to twelve weeks, full-time or part-time. If necessary, the period may be extended.

You as an employer are responsible for appointing a supervisor who takes care of the introduction and has regular follow-up with the trainee. At the end of the period, the supervisor writes a certificate showing the work performed.

Throughout the period, the intern is reimbursed via Arbetsförmedlingen. The trainee is also insured. The insurance covers both personal injury and possible damage to equipment and equipment caused by the trainee. There is no reimbursement to the company or the supervisor.

For more information contact

Anna Tuomas

Anna Tuomas,

Phone: 070-3693816
Organization: LTU Business AB, External
Eleonora Vaccari

Eleonora Vaccari,

Phone: 070-6239890
Organization: LTU Business AB, External