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Safety on campus

Luleå University of Technology must be free from discrimination and harassment of all kinds. Students, staff and visitors alike should feel welcome and safe in the university's environment. Everyone is jointly responsible for creating a welcoming culture to be proud of.

Here is information and contact routes if you need to report an incident you have been involved in or have witnessed so that the university can take action.

Basic values of central government authorities

The values that characterize Luleå University of Technology are courage, closeness and trust.

Händer tillsammans
Code of conduct

A code of conduct defines how we should behave towards each other and what behaviour we can expect from others.

Vad är diskriminering
What is discrimination?

Luleå University of Technology has zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination and harassment.

Vad är trakasserier
What is harassment?

Harassment is unwelcome by the victim. Even if there is no intent to harass, it can still be harassment.

Digital trakasserier
Digital harassment and violations

If it's not okay to do in person, then it's often not okay to do it via digital channels.

Man med platta
Reporting – what to expect

If you have experienced something inappropriate, take a stand against it and report it.

Grupp prat
Talk to someone

Where to turn if you need to talk to someone.