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Festival in midwinter

Published: 11 February 2019

This week, the annual Midwinter Festival will be arranged at Luleå University of Technology. For four days, the public is given the opportunity to enjoy high quality music, performed by the students themselves, in a variety of genres and forms. The arrangement is also free of charge.

– The Midwinter Festival presents the best that the School of Music has to offer, and it is a truly unique opportunity to freely botanize among high quality music experiences. We invite the audience of 18 concerts that each had cost 2 to 300 SEK, says Johannes Pollak, music student and producer for the festival.

Varied program

Midwinter Festival takes place in Studio Acusticum between Wednesday, February 13, to Saturday the same week. The event is completely free (except for the final clubconcert) and open to the public. Most of the program items are presented by students from the School of Music in Piteå, but teachers and external artists also participate in the event. Johannes Pollak is satisfied with the genre-wide breadth of the festival program.

– There is everything from opera and jazz to psychedelic rock and electro. The goal was to put together a varied program that reflects the versatility and the different qualities that exist at the school, says Johannes who looks forward to Friday's game music concert a little extra.

Free play

– Then the School of Music's chamber orchestra and chamber choir performs soundtracks from famous TV and computer games. It has all the prerequisites to be really great. I also look forward to the clubconcert on Saturday night. It will be electronic music of the highest class.

Johannes Pollak produces the festvial for the second year in a row. This year without any co-producer.

– The advantage of being a sole producer is that you get completely free hands and can let your ideas bloom, but at the same time it means more job. I have tried some new ideas this year and hopefully it will be a success.