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16:00 29 Aug

The University orienteering stage 1 2022

29 Aug. 2022, 16:00 - 18:00
Published: 17 August 2022

Starting time: Free starting time between 16.00-18.00
Staring point: The north-west section of Kläppvägen, follow the markings from the parking.
Parking: Byagården Måttsund, Kläppvägen 41 (65°31'57.8"N 21°55'16.2"E).
Map scale: 1:7 500, part of the Måttsund map
Starting fee +  map: None from 2022


  • Short course, ca 1,5 km: The course follows paths in mixed forest terrain
  • Medium course, ca 3,5 km: Mixed forest terrain, the course runs over some rocky terrain and minor swamps. The path system runs close nearby.
  • Long course, ca 5 km: Mixed forest terrain including som tougher, hillier parts. A more challenging positioning of the check points than on the medium course.

Note that plots, marked as olive green areas on the map, are always strictly prohibited to enter.

Also note that the maximum allowed time on course is set to two hours. Also, participants who breaks the race must report at the finish, the organizers need to know who are still out in the forest.

We also want to remind you that participation in the LTU orienteering is at your own risk and that the organizers disclaim all responsibility for any damage that may occur.

Arranged by: Department of Social Sciences, Technology and Arts.
Questions? Please contact the stage organizer: Björn Samuelsson: 070 370 3971.