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16:00 5 Sep

The University orienteering stage 2 2022

5 Sep. 2022, 16:00 - 18:00
Luleå, Vänortsvägen
Published: 17 August 2022

Start time: Free start time between 16:00-18:00
Meeting point: Parking with entrance on the left just after the snow tip from the university. Screen along Haparandavägen.
Parking: In the parking lot, please carpool or cycle!
Map scale: 1:10,000, Porsön.
Start and map fee: No fee.


Short course 1.8 km; Path along path with minor deviations from the path. Flat terrain in mixed forest with partly wet areas.

Between the track 3.3 km; Mostly along the path with opportunities to deviate from the path. Partly hilly mixed forest with partly wet parts.

Long course 4.9 km; Forest terrain with varying visibility and running speed. Varying hills with elements of wetlands and some stony ground.

ATTENTION! Vacant land is olive green on the map and is ALWAYS forbidden to enter. Even Haparandavägen is forbidden to enter.

Note!! Maximum allowed time 2 hours. Competitors who break must report at the finish, so the organizers know who is left in the forest. We also remind you that participation in University orienteering is at your own risk and that the organizers disclaim all responsibility for any damage that may occur.

Organizers: StiL Orientation: Contact persons on the stage name: John Granath phone: 072‑9118767, Elin Schagerström phone: 072‑2247376