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Forest, jogger, running, orienteering, autumn Photo: Pixabay

The university orienteering

The stages are set out on 6 consecutive Mondays in August-September with a free start time between 16.00 - 18.00. At each stage there are three courses of different levels that suit everyone, from beginners to professionals.

  • Short course (very easy, ca. 2 km)
  • Medum course (easy to medium, ca. 3-4 km)
  • Long course (medium to difficult, ca. 5-6 km)

The University orienteering is part of LTU's wellness programme but it is is also an open event where everyone is welcome!

Important to know and respect
It is absolutely forbidden to enter a plot of land. Plots of land are shown as dark green on the map. Also, competitors who breaks the race must report at the finish, the organizers need to know who are still out in the forest.

New to orienteering?
 A good site to start with is the, which has a guide in English (to the right in the top menu bar). A practical guide to the various map symbols is available here. A rather nice and descriptive guide on map vs. terrain and control description is available here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of the organizers present at the course.

The organization for the LTU orienteering welcomes you all to the forests around Luleå!