Guidelines for the use of Vetenskapens hus

Vetenskapens hus is open to the public and will promote research and new meetings. You can not make a reservation for private parties, exhibitions and conferences.

Welcome with your reservation request if your event: 

  • Is open to the public and the main target group is the public
  • Is related to research, education or artistic development
  • Does not charge any conference fee
  • Is not commercial
  • Are politically and religiously independent

Practical information

  • Vetenskapens is free but you pay for the technical support from Muskot Media when you use the equipment. 
  • All food and beverages should be booked through Koi Kitchen & Café. 
  • For booking please make a reservation request by using or form. 
  • For questions please contact us through the email

The three parties have priority access to the premises and, second, their partners, and other associated parties.