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09:30 15 Nov
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How do we want to use AI and digitalization to develop the public sector in Norrbotten?

15 Nov. 2019, 09:30 - 15:00
Luleå, Vetenskapens hus, 070-285 21 33
Published: 24 October 2019

There is no doubt that the use of AI means major changes for all industries. Digitization means that completely new services and solutions can be created that lead to increased participation, accessibility, transparency and efficiency. It can create great benefits for both employees and citizens.

Welcome to a day where the good examples from Sweden and the world come to Norrbotten for you as a decision-maker, strategist or practitioner in the public sector.

Get knowledge and inspiration of how municipalities, authorities and county councils work with this in Sweden today. Your participation is free of charge with funding from Tillväxtverket and Region Norrbotten.


9.30 Registration and coffee.

10.15 GÖRAN LINDSJÖ, GOVERNO. International AI Advisor. Has worked with management in the digitalisation of the public sector at the Government Offices. Göran provides global and European perspectives on AI right now. What creates AI for opportunities and what consequences does it have for individuals, companies and society? Why do we need to learn AI and start taking advantage of the possibilities of AI today to keep up with world developments?

11.15 LUKAS GORETZKI, STOCKHOLM SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS. Associate Professor. Lukas talks about how digitalisation affects the financial function of organizations based on his research. The presentation is given in English.

11.40 MARIE NETZ, BLEKINGE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. Doctor of Computer Science. Marie gives examples from her research of how intelligent services with AI can solve problems in health care.

12.15 LUNCH (included free of charge)

13.00 EVA BRODIN, TRAFIKVERKET. Payroll Manager. Eva gives a real example of how the Swedish Transport Administration has gone from start to finish with an automation solution of a payroll robot. An efficiency enhancement that has resulted in more value-adding work, and less heavy administration for employees. And the robot's work areas are constantly growing. Eva shows the result converted into numbers.

13.30 - LENA KÄRRMAN, REGION SKÅNE . Follow a real example from a county council in Sweden how to go from start to finish with an AI solution to create efficiency and improve service in healthcare.

13.50 WORKSHOP What good examples do we have in Norrbotten that we can spread in the country, exchange of experience with lecturers and other participants. What is important is that the AI Agenda for Sweden contains to ensure that the public sector can become a leader in Europe in using the digital opportunities.

14.45 Summary and recording for the AI Agenda

15.00 End of conference