08:00 16 Nov
Martin Lindqvist, VD SSAB

Breakfast meeting on Fossil-free steel - future technology with SSAB, Martin Lindqvist, CEO SSAB

16 Nov. 2017, 08:00 - 09:30
Luleå, Vetenskapens hus
Published: 27 October 2017

An invitation from IVA Nord and IVA's business council

The speech is held at IVA in Stockholm and we follow it via the big screen.

We prefer a shorter local / regional summary, where we capture some of the statements by the rapporteur and the extent to which it affects the operations in Norrbotten.

Breakfast will be available from 07:30 for those who signed up.

Registration by 2017-11-14 via the form below. Participation is free of charge.

For more information contact
Thomas Nilsson
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