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11:30 19 May
SUN förstasida

Natural resources for sustainability transitions

19 May. 2022, 11:30 - 12:30
Luleå, Vetenskapens hus or digitally
Swedish and English
Published: 10 May 2022

SUN, natural resources for sustainability transitions, is one of the major interdisciplinary research areas that Luleå University of Technology is investing in for the future. For example, the natural resources in the form of ore, wood and water that exist in northern Sweden are a prerequisite for successful climate change. But how do we extract these in a fair and sustainable way, both for nature and for the people who work with it? These are examples of issues that SUN struggles with within the framework of the green transition. During this first year, a number of research projects have been initiated within SUN, and with short public presentations on the theme of natural resources for sustainability transitions, we want to tell you about the results so far.


Natural resources and sustainable communities in the Arctic – the historical perspective
The green transition and new industrialisation in the north poses many societal challenges. How can historical research help deal with them? In Swedish.
Dag Avango, Professor of History

How can AI assist humans in mining exploration?
The 20th century was largely the era of exploration drilling and modern analytical chemistry. We were able to sample rock without mining them first, examine them, send them to the lab and wait for analytical results. The current century is largely a digital era, where AI can assist human experts in mining exploration. In English.
Foteini Liwicki, researcher of Machine learning

Towards fully sustainable energy-storage devices
A brief introduction of the importance of batteries, current status, challenges, and further plans to achieve sustainability of the battery itself. In English.
Xiaoyan Ji, Professor of Energy engineering

Methanol for chemical storage of hydrogen
To build hydrogen economy, we need a safe and efficient method to store hydrogen for a long time. This talk will present how hydrogen can be stored in methanol and a short glance of related research at LTU. In English.
Kentaru Umeki, Professor of Energy engineering

Gender perspective for a green transition of a male-dominated industry
Industries and workplaces that are now part of the green transition have traditionally been dominated by men and masculinity, something that makes it difficult to provide skills and recruit new talents, for example. How can we renegotiate gendered professional ideals to deepen understanding and solve the challenges that the green transition entails? In Swedish.
Kristina Johansson, researcher of Human work sciences