Åsa Engström
Åsa Engström

Åsa Engström

Professor and Head of Subject
Luleå University of Technology
Division of Nursing and Medical Technology
Department of Health Sciences
+46 (0)920 493875
S301 Luleå

Åsa Engström takes 1/10 in 2016 as a Professor and Subject representative in Nursing.

Photo: Ted Karlsson


Article in journal

Factors Influencing Early Postoperative Recovery After Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (2020)

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Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing, Vol. 35, nr. 1, s. 80-84
Article, review/survey

Lone and lonely in a double ambivalence situation as experienced by callers while waiting for the ambulance in a rural environment (2020)

Nord-Ljungquist. H, Engström. Å, Fridlund. B, Elmqvist. C
Part of: Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences
Article in journal

Losing the identity of a hockey player (2020)

the long-term effects of concussions
Engström. Å, Jumisko. E, Shahim. P, Lehto. N, Blennow. K, Zetterberg. H, et al.
Concussion, Vol. 5, nr. 2
Article in journal

Strategies to Relieve Patients' Preoperative Anxiety Before Anesthesia (2020)

Experiences of Nurse Anesthetists
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Journal of Perianesthesia Nursing, Vol. 35, nr. 3, s. 314-320