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08:00 13 Oct
Norra scen

Norra Scen: Can we become 100,000 more in northern Sweden?

13 Oct. 2023, 08:00 - 09:00
Published: 18 September 2023

Northern Sweden is facing major challenges as the social transformation is estimated to generate 100,000 new inhabitants as a result of the extensive investments in fossil-free industry. We invite you to a breakfast seminar where we discuss this. Sign up below if you want breakfast, otherwise just come.

Thousands of jobs can be created in the new industry, but in order to build a sustainable society, other industries also need large labor force additions. Not least, schools, care and social care are facing major challenges as Norrbotten grows.

Welcome to the breakfast seminar with our moderator Helena Godotter Karlberg, who leads a conversation with Rikard Eriksson and Jonas Thörnqvist about the current situation and the future. Will we be 100,000 more in northern Sweden?

Rikard Eriksson is Professor of Economic geography at Umeå University and researches the labour market, migration patterns and regional development. He was recently awarded 43 million in funds to research the industrial transformation in northern Sweden.

Jonas Thörnqvist is Project manager at Region Norrbotten and works, among other things, with health care planning linked to the green transition.

Breakfast is served from 07.30 to pre-registered guests.