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The research within the green transition

In the coming years, multi-billion sums will be invested in northern Sweden to create a fossil-free industry and a sustainable society for everyone. Luleå University of Technology participates in several highly topical and interdisciplinary projects. Our research, in close collaboration with industry and other actors, is an important prerequisite for the green transition to succeed.

The transition to a sustainable industry provides opportunities to think anew and in this way develop the entire society. We know that it is precisely here, in northern Sweden, that the technological development and restructuring of our national base industries can become a forerunner for how to reach the UN's global sustainability goals. By gathering researchers from a large number of subjects, we take a comprehensive approach to the sustainability challenges of industry and society, which lead to new innovations and ground-breaking research results.

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Natural resources for sustainability transformation

In northern Sweden there is ore, forest and water. Natural resources needed for an industrial transition. But many of the conflicting goals and sustainability challenges related to natural resource extraction and the industrial transition come to a head here.

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"It's about designing products that last forever"

The wear-and-throw era is over, already when the product is produced. At Luleå University of Technology, we are now focusing in one of our future investments on how we can move towards a more circular economy, while at the same time utilising the advantages of digitisation, two important pieces of the puzzle to succeed in the green transition.