11:00 7 maj
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Creating disruptive ideas - workshop for LTU students

7 maj. 2019, 11:00 - 16:00
Kiruna, Space Campus, Room D1
Publicerad: 23 april 2019

New ideas lead to disruptive innovations that change how we live and work. Join us for an interactive workshop where you learn the practical tools to lead the process of idea generation.

The process you'll use, developed at Luleå University of Technology, is founded in design theory and is applicable to research, industry and even personal life. Design theory, or design thinking, one of the most sought-after methods on the market because of its universal utility, for example to overcome challenges, develop new technology or commercializing research findings. Also, the workshop may be the starting point of exploring an interesting idea further through LTU Business.


  • Learn an idea generation process based on design theory - a skill that you will use in your career and your personal life.

  • An opportunity to find interesting ideas and develop your strategy with business development experts from LTU Business.

  • Lunch with coffee


Intro, method brief and need exploration
Build your box
Create ideas
Visualize ideas
Validate ideas
Drop-in idea coaching with strategy experts from LTU Business.

This workshop is free for LTU students and arranged by LTU Business as part of our mission to support innovation and promote academic, private and public sector cooperation.