14:00 21 nov
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Impact by Women in Science

21 nov. 2018, 14:00 - 16:00
D2214, Korsningen
Publicerad: 1 november 2018

Welcome to a fun and inspiring workshop about lasting impact in society through research and innovation, created by women in science.

Healthy gaming for children
Anna-Karin Lindqvist, senior lecturer at Physiotherapy
Tells the story of how her research can make sustainable impact of a healthy life for children and adults.

From the forest to Battery
Jia Yuan Wei, PhD. Student at Wood and bio-nano composites
Speaks of her journey on how her findings can impact to create more sustainable batteries in the future.
Research to reality
Sandra Berg, Business developer LTU Business
Shares up-to-date challenges and opportunities to take research from LTU in diverse ways to reality. What does “taking research to reality” mean for your research?

Impact Workshop & Coffee and Cake
Team, LTU Business
How can we improve the research and innovation system, to support you to make impact?