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Big Data analyses and CAMM2 data

20 Sep. 2019, 09:00 - 12:00
Published: 19 August 2019

Welcome to an open pitching event and workshop to be held at LTU on 20 September 2019 from 9 to 12

The Center of Advanced Mining and Metallurgy (CAMM) invites LTU employees to join a three-hour workshop and pitching event with the aim of facilitating cooperation within LTU on finding future solutions for measuring, interpreting and handling of data of relevance for the core activities within the CAMM2 programme.


CAMM2 covers the entire value chain related to mineral resources; i.e. mineral exploration, mining operations, mineral processing, metallurgy and environmental analyses. CAMM2 focusses on basic research and includes measuring, handling, analyses and understanding of large quantities of data. We envisage that the recent developments within the research fields commonly referred as Big Data analysis and robotics constitute a large potential for further advancement of the research related to the mineral resources value chain.

You can find more information about CAMM2 here. You are very welcome to contact any of the persons listed on the CAMM2 web-page for further information and exchange of ideas.

Purpose of workshop

The combined workshop and pitching event is an important step towards joining expertise at LTU within the fields of mineral resources, Big Data analysis and robotics with the expected results of defining new projects of mutual interest and benefit. We aim at defining and developing a number of project ideas for later submission to funding organizations. CAMM2 is not able to finance the projects but may provide some limited funding for initiation of project proposals.

Three themes are on the agenda for the event:

  • New efficient procedures for generating and capturing large amount of high-quality data
  • New and efficient procedures for data analysis and visualisation
  • Data integration

A key element for the event is identification of possibilities for interdisciplinary cooperation at LTU and the establishing of actual cooperation. Barriers for cooperation at present are probably among others (1) lack of knowledge about expertise and research interest of other research groups at LTU; (2) lack of knowledge about technical facilities at LTU; (3) lack of knowledge on existing data; (4) some resistance to changes in the way research and developments are performed due to differences in “culture” and traditions in choice of cooperating partners etc.

Programme for workshop and pitching event

There will be two pitching events during the workshop. The first pitching will be based on information and ideas prepared prior to the workshop and the second round will be based on discussions and developments during the workshop. The main idea is that you and others contribute with ideas, thoughts, problems etc. and that we then analyze and discuss these during the workshop in smaller groups. During the pitching event, each presentation is scheduled to maximum 10 minutes that also include time for comments and questions from the audience.

The programme for the workshop is a follows:

  • Introduction to CAMM2 by Lena Alakangas
  • Introduction to the workshop by Thorkild M. Rasmussen
  • Pitching event 1
    • Proposal a
    • Proposal b
    • Proposal c
    • ..
    • ..
    • Proposal n
  • Conclusions from pitching event 1
  • Discussions in smaller groups and preparation of info to second pitching event
  • Pitching event 2
    • Proposal A
    • Proposal B
    • Proposal C
    • ..
    • ..
    • Proposal N
  • Conclusions from pitching event 2 and general discussion about the way forward
  • Closing remarks

Registration and contributing to the event

Registration not later than 5 September is required if you want to join the event. Please use this link below. for registration You are encouraged to contribute to the pitching event. Please send the title for your presentation to

Information about location of the event will be send to all registered participants after the registration deadline. Location will depend on the number of participants.

The CAMM group is looking forward to a day with inspiration for future inter disciplinary cooperation at LTU.

Thorkild Maack Rasmussen

Thorkild Maack Rasmussen, Professor and Head of Subject, Head of Division

Phone: +46 (0)920 493413
Organisation: Exploration Geophysics, Geosciences and Environmental Engineering, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering