Smarter students with chess in school?

11 Mar. 2015, 08:45 - 11:45
Luleå, Room E242
Published: 26 February 2015

Chess is a game that overcomes all boundaries. It trains the child's ability to concentrate and mathematical thinking, which means that many countries in the world chess curricula in their schools.

Free workshop with Kaj Engström, project manager at the Swedish Chess Federation. Everyone is welcome, regardless of prior knowledge of chess.

Chess in School

  • Provides social benefits
  • Concentration
  • Mathematical ability
  • Logical thinking
  • Pattern Sight
  • Fantasy
  • Reading
  • Theoretical knowledge is used in practical situation

Chess in schools is the name for the Swedish Chess Federations aim of spreading chess in Swedish schools. Chess in School provides training for teachers and prospective teachers in chess instruction so they can use chess as an educational tool in schools, especially in mathematics education.