11:50 10 Sep
Petra Malm
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Kickstart: Elite soldier Petra "PAM" Malm - How do you motivate yourself to reach specific goals?

10 Sep. 2019, 11:50 - 13:00
Published: 10 January 2019

This will be held in Swedish

As the first woman ever, Petra Malm passed the tests for the special band SOG and became Sweden's first female elite soldier. For ten years she lived a secret life within the Armed Forces' elite force under great secrecy and physical and mental pressure. How and what motivated her to continue in the most difficult conditions?

Petra has many years of experience from sharp operations both nationally and internationally and she had to be in top physical form, always ready to do her job, but it would turn out that the mental strength would be the most important to survive.

Now Petra Malm has left her secret life and lectures about her experiences from the Swedish Armed Forces secretive bond. As interrogator, she is an expert in personalities, behaviors, group dynamics and leadership.