System operations information

Up-to-date operating information about VPN, Zoom, Teams, etc. is constantly updated.


VPN should work now. If you still have problem, create a request.


Because of increased use, the burden on Teams has increased. There may be periodical disturbances because of this.


The service is stable. The capacity has been increased and can now manage 250 000 simultaneous users. You can see the current status and service load here:



[191204] Adobe acrobat license

Problems with Adobe Acrobat and reading PDFs?

The licensing issue with Adobe Acrobat is based on the transition to our Adobe Creative Cloud licensing. If you have trouble using Adobe Acrobat due to expiration, we recommend that you close all Adobe applications and download the Adobe Creative Cloud App from your Software Center if you are using Windows, or from your Managed Software Center / Self Service if you are using you of macOS. Use VPN if you are off campus.

All staff at LTU have an Adobe account. You log into the account with your LTU email address and password. You use this Adobe account to verify in the Adobe Creative Cloud app. This resolves all licensing issues with Adobe Acrobat.

The quickest solution or if you are having problems with Adobe Creative Cloud is to log in to with their Adobe account (LTU email and password for email), the license can update. If there are still problems after login, download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat through the link above. The program is available for download under the tab "View and download my programs".


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