Exchange Online

Published: 1 November 2019

E-mail and calendaring for staff is delivered via Office 365 and the portal

End User Instruction

All logins require your complete email address in the form: <firstname.lastname> @

Mobile devices

To receive email on your mobile device, you may need to delete your old account and add it again.
We recommend using the Outlook app on your mobile device for email and calendar (available in the Google Play store, app store).
For how-to, see link below.


After migration

A login box may pop up, then log in to the Outlook client again. If necessary, restart the Outlook client.
Normally your shared mailboxes are added automatically.

You may also need to log in to Skype again


After migration

Delete your account and re-create the account
Add your shared mailboxes manually, choose to connect it to Exchange and log in with your LTUAD

Good to know

Function Mailboxes "shared mailboxes"

Note that "send as mailbox" does not work until the function mailbox is migrated. See alternative approach for further information.
To read and reply in the function mailbox, you can open it in webmail, press your name "open another mailbox" and enter the function mailbox name, where you send in the mailbox name.

A link below gives information about which functional mailboxes we have on LTU and who is owner. Report back to Service Point outdated functional mailboxes or whether it should be adjusted around users' permissions.

Tips and tricks

  • If you accept a meeting in your outlook client, choose to send a reply so that the person who invited you will see if you have accepted the meeting.
  • Send on behalf will not work until your shared mailbox is migrated, but you can read it as usual. Wait or alternatively contact support with the current functional mailbox and the project will handle it prioritized. Read more in the section above.
  • If you experience problems with a client or other toughness, restart the client
  • If you have problems with your email client, you cannot select settings or the like, you can contact the Service Desk and request an email profile cleanup
  • iPhone Outlook app - Choose not to just show Priority in the inbox


Login with your email address (UPN)

.ics calendar from the web

Currently, the calendar can only be added to your email client, not via webmail or app on your mobile device.

Forwarding of email

Rule-directed forwarding of emails outside is not applied.


Port: 993
Encryption: SSL / TLS

Port: 587
Encryption: STARTTLS

Compliance with

  • Guideline LTU-1378-2018 "Internet and e-mail"
  • Rule LTU-644-2018 "Computer use"
  • Project LTU-3539-2018