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Guest user account

Published: 25 May 2016

If you are visiting LTU or if you invited a guest who needs access to the LTU IT environment, a visitor account must be created. This can be ordered only by a staff member.


  1. Staff User Account at LTU


  1. Click on the link Order guest user account below.
  2. Enter the number of users as well as the end date of the visit (up to 30 days ahead).
  3. After you receive the email with login details, you can send them to the guests.
  4. Each guest logs in to the LTU Wi-Fi.

If you have several guests, they may share a guest user account if they are only going to use the Wi-Fi.

The guest user account information is valuable and should be handled with care. You, as an employee, are responsible such that the guest does not abuse access to our network.

A guest user account is valid up to 30 days. If a longer period of time is needed, a staff user account should be ordered instead.

Students from other universities can obtain a guest user account if they can show proof that they are students.  Contact the IT Servicedesk for questions.

If the guest stays only for the day and only requires Wi-Fi, they can instead use the guide below for a 24-hour guest user account.