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LTU card

Published: 3 May 2016

The card can be used for access to Campus, login to printer / copier etc.


  1. Staff member or student at LTU


  1. Bring a valid photo ID to:
    Luleå - Service Point (Building B)
    Skellefteå - Helpdesk
    Piteå - Servicecenter
  2. You will be photographed and the LTU card will be printed for you.
  3. Update your card in an update machine:
    Luleå - Service Point and University Library
    Skellefteå - Helpdesk
    Piteå - Servicecenter
  4. Set a 4-digit PIN code to enter the campus after 5.00 PM
  • For students, set up your PIN code on MY LTU under My Account
  • For staff, set up your PIN code on ITS-Admin (see link below).

The LTU card should be updated every 5 years for staff.

As a student you need an active course registration during the current quarter in order to update the card. The card needs to be updated each semester.

The valid date is shown at the bottom of the card.

If you are a student and has booked a lecture room or the like on campus, you need to request access to the room. Submit a request to the IT Servicedesk.

You can print/copie without your LTU-card. Just type in username and password manually.