Change eduroam password

Published: 28 September 2016


  1. Staff member at LTU


  1. Start by logging in to the ITS-Admin (link below).
    Outside from LTU you will need VPN to access ITS-Admin.
  2. Click Change eduroam password.
  3. Enter your Current LTU password.
  4. Enter your New eduroam password and enter it again in the Re-enter eduroam password field.
  5. NOTE: The eduroam password cannot be the same as your LTU password.
    The new password must be at least eight characters and include three of the following four character groups: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and other characters (=, &,% etc.). Letters with diacritical marks (Å, ä, ö, etc.) are not permitted.
  6. Click Save to activate the new eduroam password.

You can change password for Eduroam through My LTU (if you lack VPN)

  1. Go to My LTU
  2. Choose My Settings
  3. Choose Change Password and Change Eduroam password.
  4. Type your LTU password and Choose A Eduroam password. Verify. Done!