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Administrator account

Published: 26 May 2016

Use your local administrator account to install the software and change settings that require higher privileges on your computer .


  1. Owner of a university-administered computer.

Instructions (LTU-administered PC)

An administrator account and password is e-mailed to the owner of a computer when it is installed. This information should be kept secure. If you have no account, you can also ask Service point for one. You must have your computer connected to the university's wired network while this account is created and sent.

The administrator account is only for individual LTU computers you are the owner of.

Note: We recommend that you do not log in to the computer using the local administrator account except when prompted during installation or changes to your computer.

During installation or modification, you get a dialog box where the username and password for the local administrator are requested.

Type .\username-local (note the “.\” before the name).
Type the password for your administrator account.

Instructions (LTU-administered Mac)

When you create your user account on your LTU-administered Mac, you automatically become the administrator of your computer.