Course Disk

Published: 17 March 2016

A Course Disk is a folder on the students common folder (K:). It is created for a specific course where you need a larger storage space during the course. It is only those who take the course and the teachers of the course who has access to the folder. Course disk have back up.


Up to 100GB course disk or extra space for individual students is free. Then the cost for course disk is SEK 4.50 / GB / month over the 100 GB. All courses disk supplied as backupad disk.

Course Disk delivered the following options:

Course Disk <100 GB / lp (study period)    0: - / month
Course Disk = 250 GB / lp                          675: - / month
Course Disk = 500 GB / lp                          1800: - / month
Course Disk = 1000 GB / lp                         4050: - / month

Information when ordering:

  • Course code

  • Institution

  • Project number

  • Course coordinator

  • Size of course the disk in GB

  • The date when the folder should be deleted

  • People who should have access in addition to the students and the teachers. Enter their username.

Inform the students:

  • Open the Explorer.

  • Click on Computer to see the personal spaces and then click Courses.

  • In courses, click on institution and course code.

  • Create folders for saving work there.

NOTE: All the material that is saved on the course disk must be stored away by the students before the end date of the course if they wish to keep it.