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Order Portal - Wisum

Published: 2 June 2016

Wisum is an online store that contains LTU's range of computers, phones and other IT products.

  • It's only IT-coordinators, IT and a few others who are authorized to make orders through Wisum.
  • All employees can log in with their users and browse products and add these in their shopping cart.
    If you want to order, you can take a copy of your cart with products and then email it to someone who is authorized to order (IT or IT-coordinator).

NOTE! The function "send" does not work in Wisum. 

In Wisum you find more information about orders and who you can turn to for questions.

In Wisum you'll find recommended computers. These are tested with the systems available on the LTU.

In Wisum you will find:

  • Recommended computers - adapters included as standard delivery*
  • Computer accessories
  • Phones
  • Accessories for phones
  • Computers that are not recommended
  • Other IT-related equipment

* Mini DisplayPort - VGA and Mini DisplayPort - HDMI, applies only to models that require an adapter to connect to an external monitor / projector

NOTE! If you are authorized to make orders, remember to type a label on your order. Ex "Institution Name" so we can make it easer for the mail service.