LTU workplace

Published: 22 March 2016


LTU workplace is a comprehensive service delivered at a fixed price per month. The service provides access to a stable working environment for the staff's general use, including telephony, normal storage and printing quantity, spam and virus filters, basic software and the ability to use a reasonable amount of grid-connected devices at no additional cost. For telephony, email and calendar function for current models among those recommended by the IT Service.

Hardware is not included in the service, but the delivery requires a recommended hardware platform so that the installation and update of applications and operating systems can be made in efficient and automated way.

Services included:

  • User - A staff user
  • Applications - A basic range of software
  • Data storage - Data storage with recovery
  • Warranty - Warranty issues on hardware that is ordered by the university.
  • Calendar and e-mail - Calendar and e-mail functionality for smartphones based on iOS, Windows or Android linked to the exchange system.
  • Orders - Orders of the recommended range that runs through IT service
  • Loan Service - Loans of computer and telephone during order and repair
  • Telephony - Functions excluding equipment but including the basic subscription and call charges via the university switchboard.
  • Printing - Printing service.
  • Network - Access to wired and wireless network.
  • Recommended range - An updated and recommended range of hardware
  • Installation and Updates - Installation and updates for Windows and Mac machines in an automated manner. This requires that the equipment is recommended and maximum 4 years old.
  • Spam and virus filters - Spam and virus filters for e-mail.
  • Support, guides and support - IT service provides support and services for a workplace consisting of one or more computers, network connected equipment and telephony so that the user can reach the necessary infrastructure in the form of servers, networks, printers, and storage.


  • Loan service - Limited number of computers and phones are available. Loan period is limited to 21 days. The service requires that a complaint or new goods are being ordered through IT services.
  • Applications - Manual installation of applications beyond basic supplies are not included. Possibility of added fees.
  • Networks - Installation or use of the split, switch and router solutions require approval of IT services. Physical connections (cable and socket) for electricity and data network is not included in the LTU workplace.

NOTE! For other computers, not on IT service´s recommended list, installation of the standard version of the operating system and drivers are included. Manual operations are charged according to the applicable hourly rate.