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Who may order?

Published: 2 June 2016

Depending on what is ordered, there are some directives on who can make the order.

Staff User Accounts

Order and termination of staff users may only be made by the closest supervisor, administrative manager or person authorized by a manager to carry out such a request. If you are unsure if you have the right to order or terminate users - ask your IT coordinator or your boss.

Hardware (mobile and PC)

At some institutions, all hardware orders are managed by the IT coordinator. On other institutions you can order hardware yourself if you have permission from your supervisor. This is because a project number is required for billing. If you are unsure about how it works on your particular institution - ask your IT coordinator or your boss.


You can order software to your computer if you have permission from a manager or IT coordinator, because it requires a project number for billing.

Access to mailing lists, folders, etc

You can order access, with the approval of your supervisor or IT coordinator.