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Where is it safe to store my information?

Published: 21 May 2021

When choosing where to store your information, you should think about how sensitive the information is, below is a simple overview and suggestions on where you can save information.

What is an information security class?

It is the type of information that determines security class, if the information contains sensitive information, it will be of a higher security class, while if it is neither personal data nor sensitive, the security class will be lower.

How is the information security class determined?

It is decided in connection with an information security classification of your information. See more about information security.

For research data where you are unsure of which storage area is best suited, make a case to IT and the issue will be investigated and in collaboration with you, an information security classification will also be made. See the link at the bottom of the page to make a case.

Security levels

There are three different types of security levels. Low / Medium / High. Here are examples of the type of information that can be found under each security class and where storage is best suited;

Low / Open / general information

Examples of general information; Temporary work material, project documentation, information that can be saved in the cloud

Suggestions for storage;

  • Teams
    • Shared surface
    • Collaborate in the same document!
    • We-space
  • OneDrive
    • Private area
    • If others are to take part, authority must be shared from you
    • "Me-space"

All storage in the cloud is considered public documents and may be requested

Means / sensitive information

Examples of sensitive information; salary audits, personal data, sensitive personal data, research materials

Suggestions for storage;

  • H :
    • Just for you!
  • K:
    • Shared with others within LTU, usually department or unit level
    • Folder owners determine permissions
  • Platinum


High / confidentiality and worthy of protection

Examples of confidentiality and protection value: HR matters, procurements, information about health

Suggested storage space: