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Restore a file in home directory or a shared folder (Win)

Published: 18 December 2017

If you miss a file or folder from H: or K: it may have been deleted. You can then check and retrieve an older version.


  1. Windows 10
  2. Folder and file have been found on H: or K:
  3. You have permission to view the folder.


  1. Open File Explorer (File Manager)
  2. Click on the folder you are missing or whose content has changed.
  3. Right-click the folder and select Restore previous versions
  4. Start with newest date/time, click on the folder and check if it containts what you are looking for. Continue to another date/time until you find what you are looking for.
  5. Once you find the correct content, select the whole folder or file(files) and select copy. Close the Previous Version window and paste the contents where it belongs.
  6. If you are unsure how to do it, contact the Servicedesk for assistance. Provide information about what's missing and in which Restore folder to copy from.