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Data storage matrix

Published: 19 January 2017

Here is an overview of our data storage services.

To get an overview of the different data storage services LTU offers, we have developed this matrix.

Data storage matrix Restoration of deleted files



Information security classification** Streaming video Collaborate internally & externally Access outside campus Storage volume per user Physical location of the data
Home directory (H:) 120 dagar   Medium     Mac-Yes
LTU-Common (K:) 180 dagar   Medium     Mac-Yes Win-VPN Shared LTU
Email Exchange     Low/Open   Yes Yes 2GB LTU
LTU OneDrive 90 days online   Low/Open   Yes Yes 1TB Ireland
LTU Box         Yes Yes 40GB USA
LTU Teams     Low/Open   Yes Yes Shared Ireland
LTU learning management system Canvas         Yes Yes 0,5GB Ireland*
LTU YouTube       Yes   Yes Shared Probably the USA
LTU Play (Kaltura)       Yes   Yes Shared USA
LTU information management system Platina 20 days online + one day a year Yes       With VPN Shared LTU

Backing up the LTU workplace computer hard drive is your own responsibility.

Backing up the external hard disk is your own responsibility.

* Applies to data saved in Canvas. Data saved using external apps may be stored in other parts of the world.

** Applies to confidentiality
    High - Sensitive information that can cause serious harm to a business or individual if it is unauthorized.
    Medium - formation may cause harm to a business or individual if it is revoked for unauthorized use.
    Low / Open - The information is general, can be shared without the risk of negative consequences.