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Installing software (LTU-administered)

Published: 20 May 2016

When Service Point sends software to your computer, you can complete the installation through Software Center (Windows) or Managed Software Center (Mac).


  1. LTU-administered computer.
  2. LTU network.
  3. The software is ordered or included in the basic service.

Instructions for Windows

  1. Open Software Center, you can find it via the Start menu by searching Software Center or through hidden icon New software is available.
  2. In the Available Software tab, select the software you want to install.
  3. Click Install in the bottom right corner.

Some programs take a long time to install, such as Matlab, Adobe CCE and others. Do not turn off the computer or take it out of the docking station until the installation is completed.

Instructions for Mac

  1. Open Self Service.
  2. The software should be in the tab Software.
  3. Click Install.

Note that some programs take a long time to install. You can speed up installation time if you are connected with a network cable instead of via the wireless network. Do not turn off the computer before installation is complete.