Mac - Access to home directory and common on self-administered or external Mac

Published: 7 September 2017


  1. Self-managed or external computer with Mac OS


  1. Click on the desktop so no window is active and select Go in the menu bar, select Connect to server
  2. Type or paste:
    For home directory: smb: //
    For common: smb: //

    Click plus to add the server to the list of favorites, select the one you want to connect to and click Connect

The SMB protocol in MacOS has a bug that sometimes freezes the computer when an SMB device is connected, to avoid it and to access yesterday's backup in the yesterday folder on your home directory, we recommend you make the add-on below:

  1. Open Spotlight, ie the magnifying glass at the top right. Type Terminal in the box and press Enter
  2. Type sudo touch /etc/nsmb.conf
    Enter your Mac password
  3. Type sudo nano /etc/nsmb.conf
  4. In the box that appears, type:

    signing_required = no
    file_ids_off = yes

    Press ctrl + X to exit, press Y to save the file and Enter to accept it.
  5. Restart the computer

On LTU-managed computers, you get the amendment automatically.