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About home folder and backup

Published: 22 March 2016

LTU recommends that you save your documents and files to your home directory. NOTE! In case of theft or computer malfunction, all files stored on your computer will be lost! You as a user are ultimately responsible for ensuring that your documents are secured.

What is a home directory?

All staff have access to a private folder called home directory or (H :)
Everything stored in the home directory folder is stored on the university's servers and not locally on your computer. That's why you never risk losing your documents. There is also backup and version management available.

Why should I save on my home directory?

  • When you save your files to your home directory (H:), the files are backed up.
  • You have access to your files from another computer and/or on the go (see link below)
  • The documents are protected from intrusion if you should get rid of your computer
  • If your computer breaks down, your files are safely stored on the university server
  • You have access to version management (Restore previous versions)

How do I access my home directory at LTU?

Windows (LTU-administered) : To access your home directory, open File Explorer and under the computer name you can find the Home Drive (H :)

Mac (LTU-administered : To access your home directory, click the globe in the dock (under the name Network Home)

You can also enter the address \\ltufs.ltuad.ltuse\staff\username
(Your username is used to log on to your computer)

How do I access my home directory outside of LTU?

If you have Internet:
Windows 10 (LTU-administered): You have access to your files just as usual.

Mac (LTU-administered): Enable VPN (see link below). Then you will access your files as usual.

If you are using another computer or if the above does not work, you can access your files through a web browser and the address

If you do not have Internet access:
You can't access your home directory without Internet and therefore need to take a copy of the document you are going to use and save locally on your computer in advance.

You can also share your wireless network from your mobile phone.