Choosing a web browser

Published: 11 February 2019

De moderna webbläsare som vi stödjer är Chrome, Edge och Firefox på Windows samt Chrome, Firefox och Safari på Mac. Samtliga är förinstallerade på LTU-administrerade personaldatorer och det är valfritt vilken man vill använda.

Google Chrome

Chrome is the most frequently updated of the browsers, which means new functions and improvements are released more often, although this also means that the risk of a web page not functioning properly after an update is higher.

Mozilla Firefox

We use an Extended support release of Firefox, which means that it is updated with new features much less often than the regular version, in return, only functions that have already been extensively tested in the regular browser which reduces the risk of bugs or problems.

Internet Explorer, only for specific needs

Microsoft no longer recommends using Internet Explorer, although they still support it, and many web pages are no longer tested with it. We therefore recommend using only Internet Explorer for specific needs, for example, if the web page or web application only works with Internet Explorer.