Update macOS

Published: 3 May 2016

Apple provides all version upgrades of macOS for free via the App Store.




  1. Apple ID is available.
  2. LTU network (fixed, eduroam, VPN).




Minor version upgrade

Your computer checks once a week if there are upgrades to macOS or other installed software distributed through the App Store. If there are upgrades you can choose:

  1. Start immediately or later.

Make sure that the updates are run as soon as possible. You also need to ensure that your computer is connected to the LTU network.

If you have purchased software through the App Store and there is an upgrade available, a notification will pop up and you may need to log in with your Apple ID.

Major version upgrade

All major version upgrades has to be downloaded through the App Store. This requires you to sign in with your Apple ID. To upgrade to the latest version of the macOS follow these instructions:

  1. Start App Store that can be found in the Applications folder.
  2. Click in the Search box at top the right in App Store
  3. Write macOS and press Enter.
  4. Click Download for the latest macOS version to download it to your computer.
  5. If the upgrade does not start automatically, or if you want to wait until a later time to install it yourself, you can start the upgrade by double-clicking on the downloaded app in the Applications folder.

Note that after the update is finished, LTU-administered computers will get additional upgrades through Managed Software Center for the university services that need to be upgraded when changing operating systems (such as Kerberos and Auristor).