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file system
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Our file system

Published: 21 February 2018

Read more about the file system at Luleå university of technology here.

Home directory (H:)

You don´t have an automatic synchronisation between C: (computer disk) and H: (LTU server, including backup) anymore.

You must control where your data is saved and LTU recommend that you save everything on H: because backup is included. As long as you have Internet access you have access to H:


Common (K :)

Common K: - common storage area for department. Note! There is a new folder called Internal.


Folder structure on common (K :)






The permissions in the folders are set as follows:

Administration : VSS staff and other named staff at the institution will access the folder

Common: Everyone at the department can access folders and files.

Internal: These are folders that specific groups can access, such as management team, projects, etc.

Department Folders: Only employees at the specific department will access these folders

Research subject folders: Only persons at specific research subject will access these folders


Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I move a folder that has special privileges?

Folders that need to have special privileges will be placed in the folder Internal. Contact Servicedesk with name on folder you wish to have and who should have access to it.


How does it work if I have a self administrated computer or a Mac or Linux?

Go to link below to get information on how to access common.