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Move your data from Google Drive

Published: 9 December 2020

In connection with the phasing out of Google services at LTU, you need to move your data from your LTU-connected Google Drive. This will be done during 2022, this article will be updated with dates.

Target group

Staff at LTU

Google accounts at LTU will be phased out

Read all the information below and choose which option or options suits you.

  1. Work-related information for OneDrive -
  2. Work-related information for a personal / joint directory
  3. Private information to private Google Drive

Before moving your information (files, pictures and movies), check if you have information you do not want to save and clear it.

Note that if you have your mobile phone linked to Google with an LTU account , you should switch it to another Google account before closing. There is currently no way to move purchased apps from one account to another.
If you do not have a private account, see step 6 in the Private Data Wizard for Private Google Drive below for instructions on how to create an account.

Note! If you do not move the information yourself, your information will be automatically moved to a folder "Migrated data from Google Drive" in OneDrive - For those of you who have large amounts of information and not enough space on your computer to follow these guides, do a service matter for IT and we will help you.