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Work safely remotely

Published: 26 March 2020

How to work safely remotely


You should strive to protect the University's information while working remotely:

  • Use a computer provided by the job, avoid using a private computer in connection with the work.
  • Make sure your IT equipment is up to date with the latest versions of software and antivirus software (computer, phone, router, printer, etc.)
  • Avoid using private cloud services in connection with your work, unless approved by your manager.
  • Lock or shut down your computer when you are not at it so that no one else can access the university's information and services. Turn off your IT equipment when you stop working.
  • Connect securely by connecting with a network cable to your router or using only encrypted and password protected WiFi networks.
  • Use the university's VPN service
    NOTE! However, when working over Teams, Skype or Zoom for video conferencing, you should not use VPN as it may delay the transmission of audio and video.