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VPN in Android - L2TP IPSec

Published: 4 December 2018

To access some services and resources at Luleå University of Technology when you are not on Campus, you must use a VPN connection.


  1. Employee at LTU
  2. Created password for Eduroam


Since the different manufacturers have different layouts in their menus, individual steps may differ between this guide and the phone or tablet you are trying to configure.

Note that you should fill in your username without @ BUT with your Eduroam password when creating the VPN connection.

  1. Open settings on your phone or tablet
  2. In the search box at the top, type VPN, select the result you get
  3. Touch Add VPN in the upper right corner
  4. Fill in as follows:
    Name: LTU Staff
    Type: L2TP / IPSec PSK
    Server address:
    Preshared key for IPsec: staff-vpn1
    Username: Your username at LTU
    Password: Your Eduroam password
  5. Touch Save
  6. You should now have a choice called LTU Staff, click on it and select Connect
  7. It will say Connecting... and will change to Connected if it works properly