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VPN in Mac OS - Cisco IPsec

Published: 23 November 2018

To access some services and resources at Luleå University of Technology when you are not on Campus, you must use a VPN connection.


  1. Staff users at LTU
  2. Created password for Eduroam
  3. LTU supports the two most recent versions of MacOS, see the link at the bottom of the page if your version is supported and how to upgrade.


Automatic VPN setup

  1. Download the file for automatic VPN setup for staff in the link below the instruction text
  2. Run the file and enter your LTU username when prompted. Enter your Mac password to approve the installation.
  3. To connect for the first time, click the network icon in the menu bar at the top right and select Network preferences. Select LTU - Staff in the field on the left and then click Connect. Note that it is your Eduroam password you must enter.
Tip! Check "Show VPN status in menu bar" and you will get an icon next to the network icon in the menu bar you can use to connect from now on.

Manual VPN setup

Note that you must fill in your username without BUT with your Eduroam password when you create the VPN connection.

  1. Click the apple at the top left, select System preferences
  2. Select Network
  3. Press + in the lower left corner, below the list of network devices
  4. In the first box, fill in as follows:
    Interface: VPN
    VPN Type: Cisco IPsec
    Service Name: LTU-Staff
    Press Create
  5. When the VPN connection has been created, fill in as follows:
    Server Address:
    Account Name: Your username at LTU, without after
    Click Authentication Settings
  6. Select and fill in as follows:
    Password: Your Eduroam password
    Shared Secret: staff-vpn1
    Click OK
  7. Click Advanced and check Send all traffic over VPN connection in the box that appears, click OK.
  8. Click Apply at the bottom right and then Connect.
  9. If you check the Show VPN status in menu bar box, you can connect to the VPN connection in the future by clicking on the new icon you get on the menu bar at the top.