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VPN in iOS - L2TP IPSec

Published: 5 December 2018

To access some services and resources at Luleå University of Technology when you are not on Campus, you must use a VPN connection.


  1. Employee at LTU
  2. Created password for Eduroam


Note that you should fill in your username without @ BUT with your Eduroam password when creating the VPN connection.

  1. Open settings on your phone
  2. Select General
  3. Scroll down to VPN and select it
  4. Touch Add VPN Configuration
  5. Select L2TP
  6. Fill in as follows:
    Description: LTU Staff
    Account : Your username at LTU
    Password : Your Eduroam password
    Secret : staff-vpn1
    Make sure Send All Traffic is On
  7. Touch Done
  8. Press the Status button to connect