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Video conference - Meetings

Published: 17 March 2016

With videoconferencing, you can have audio and visual contact between two or more locations in real time and easily communicate with others.

With high picture and sound quality and even chat, it makes costly travel a bad option. With video conferencing, you have unlimited possibilities. You can use the system to information, meetings, interviews, etc.


Which rooms can be booked?

A list of available meeting rooms can be found on the bottom of this page.
The use of the meeting rooms are suitable for small meetings, not for education.

How do I book the meeting rooms?

The meeting rooms are booked in TimeEdit.

  • E289, E130 and E616F can only be booked by TVM staff.
  • D824a can be booked through HLV when you need to have a video conference.
  • D515 can be booked through KKL.
  • F1033 can be booked throufh SBN.

The virtual rooms LTU rooms 1, 2 and 3 are also booked in TimeEdit by selecting Meeting and Show more. This three virtual rooms are used when you don´t need to have a physical room (lifesize room).

  • ​​Choose Sammanträdesrum and Visa fler in TimeEdit.


How do I invite to the meeting?

You can invite both internal and external parties to the meeting.

Invite from web browser:

Select Invite when you are in the web client.  Choose email  and send to the person you want to invite. The invited gets all the information they need to connect in the mail.

Invite by email:

Send an email containing the Call ID and/or @-address for the room. The invited can then connect by phone, Skype for Business or web browser.

How do I connect to the meeting?

You can connect to the room in four ways.

  • Directly in your browser.
    If you use Chrome or Firefox, you can connect to
    Join Call, then paste the Call ID to the room.
    Choose the name you want to be displayed as.
  • Skype for Business.
    Paste the address of the room, for example in the search box in Skype, and the room will appear.
    Depending on whether you want to connect with just chat or with video, you can either just double-click, or right-click and select Start a Video Call
  • With phone
    You can connect with audio-only.
    Call +4610 510 51 55 and enter the Call ID to the room and then #

    Phone number dependig on which country you call from:

    Sverige +4610 510 51 55
    Norge +47-210 14 440
    Finland +358-931 58 59 97
    Danmark +45-787 91 981
    Storbritannien +44-203 63 00 131
    Tyskland +49-302 55 57 02 35
    USA +1-929 23 71 735

  • From room
    If you have a meeting in one of the video rooms above and want to connect to another video room or a virtual room. Use the device, choose call and then catalog. Select the room you want to call.

    ​Note. If other participants (than other physical meeting rooms) will attend you need to use the virtual adress of the physical room, for example

Note that there is no real-time support for these meeting rooms in addition to the starting assistance Servicedesk provides. Also note that the virtual rooms, LTU rum 1, 2 and 3 need to be booked in TimeEdit.

We strongly recommend all the participants to use a headset when using Skype for Business, web client or phone. This is because the internal michrophone and speaker on a computer or mobile can cause disturbance.