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Configuring Outlook

Published: 12 April 2016


  1. Private or self-administered computer.



  1. Start Outlook. Click on File, then Info, and then Add Account.
  2. Under E-mail Account, fill in Your Name (first name and family name), E-mail Address ( and your LTU Password.
  3. Click Next.

If you get a pop-up box choose: Other Account and write LTUAD\username followed by your LTU password. When you open Outlook later a similar pop-up window can appear. If this happens enter LTUAD\username and your LTU password again.


  1. Open Outlook. Choose to make Outlook the default for e-mail, calender and contacts.
  2. Select Add Account
  3. Select the Exchange Account
  4. Enter the email adress ( and select Username and Password as Method
  5. Enter LTUAD\username as the username and enter your LTU password
  6. Choose Automatically configure and then select Add Account.

Enter your name and what you want to name your account, and complete the configuration by closing the window.

Shortly your email account will turn up on the left side of the application and your mail folder and e-mails will start to appear.