Published: 14 April 2016

With a signature there's no need to sign your name each time you send e-mail. The signature is automatically added to your mails with the information you've written.



  1. Mac.
  2. Outlook.



  1. Open a new message.
  2. On the Message tab, click Signatures, or click on Outlook, Outlook preferences and then Signatures under the E-mail header.
  3. Select Edit Signatures and click the '+' button below the white text box.
  4. Type in your text that you want, for example it can be:

Sincerely / Best regards

Anna Andersson


Luleå University of Technology, Lulea 97187

Phone number


If you want to rename an existing signature, select Edit Signatures and then double-click the signature you want to rename.

If you change your default signature, select Edit signatures and then select the signature you want to be default which should make a tick appear in the box. Click default signatures and click on your mailbox. Here you can choose which one of your signatures you wish to have as a default.