Zoom - Activate Zoom in Canvas

Published: 4 April 2019

Zoom is a meeting tool that is integrated within Canvas. Teachers can use Zoom to schedule online meetings and publish them in their Canvas rooms.


  1. You are a teacher in a course in Canvas
  2. You have changed your email address in Canvas to your full email address instead of your username@ltu.se which is standard. See instructions step 1 below.


Step 1 - Change your email address in Canvas

  1. In the left menu, click Account
  2. In the field that unfolds, select Settings
  3. In the right column, beneath Ways to contact , add your email address firstname.lastname@ltu.se if it is not already there
  4. Hold the mouse pointer over the email address you just added and click the star icon that comes up to the right of the address

Step 2 - Add Zoom to the left menu in the room overview

Zoom for the Canvas integration provides the ability to schedule meetings, list upcoming meetings, meeting history, and connect to Zoom meetings.

Users can take advantage of Zoom meetings in a Canvas course. There are functions for creating, connecting and deleting Zoom meetings; as well as creating calendar events and canvas conversations.

  1. Enter the room where you want to add Zoom
  2. Click Settings in the room's left menu
  3. Select the Navigation tab
  4. Look for Zoom and click on the column of dots to the right in the box, select enable .
  5. Drag Zoom to the position you want

For full documentation of how the Zoom integration in Canvas works, see the link below.

Students cannot schedule their own or group meetings in the Canvas integration. Only users with the role Instructor, TA or Administrator can create new meetings.

Cloud storage of Zoom is not included in the agreement with Sunet, all recordings are stored locally on the user's computer.

Scheduled meetings disappear from the list under the Previous meetings tab after 30 days, until then it is possible to reuse the same meeting ID how many times you want.

If you create a Recurring meeting ID, it will expire if you do not use the meeting ID in 365 days.