Connecting a PC to a network socket

Published: 8 March 2016


  1. Marked network socket in the room.
  2. Computer with network socket, or the dock/adapter with network sockets.
  3. Network cable.


  1. Turn off the wireless network on your computer, if it's on
  2. Plug the network cable into the wall outlet and then into the computer or adapter / dock.
  3. Open any web browser
  4. Enter any address, such .
  5. If you do not get up the side maybe the wall socket is inactive. Do you have multiple outlet, try moving the cord into an outlet.
  6. Does no power outlet in your room, you can contact the Service Desk. Enter the socket number and room number.
  7. If you enter a login page when you open your browser, your computer may not be registered. If so, please contact the Service Desk.