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Is your computer or server vulnerable?

Are your computers and servers constantly maintained, and are the latest security updates always installed?

Both operating systems and other software need to be kept as secure as possible. New security flaws in operating systems and software are constantly appearing, and it is important to try to keep up. The first line of defense against intrusion is a modern operating environment that is continuously updated.

Continuously installing fixes against known security holes reduces the risk of attacks, and with today's landscape where we see millions go up in smoke worldwide due to systems that are not updated in time, this mindset must be a matter of course.

LTU's administered computers and IT systems are continuously updated with security.
NOTE! If you get a message on your computer that updates need to be installed, finish your work on the computer and save when you go home, but leave the computer turned on and locked so that updates can be installed.

At LTU, we scan our computers and IT systems for known vulnerabilities

If you receive an email that looks like the image below, take the time to read it immediately and make sure to fix the vulnerabilities that have been discovered as soon as possible.

In the example, and possibly in the email you received, there is a link with information about the vulnerability that has been discovered and what you need to do to fix the vulnerability. See the bottom of the sample email, CVE: Link, in this case CVE-2018-6981

If there is no link in the email, you can search for the current vulnerability and action instructions, via the link at the end of this article.


LTU Vulnerability mail