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Travel safely with IT

You often bring your laptop or other mobile devices with information on the trip. Below are some questions and instructions that you should consider before taking your devices on the trip.

You should first read the information about daily IT security
via the links below ..
A secure IT everyday life - Luleå University of Technology, LTU
Work safely remotely - Luleå University of Technology, LTU

Before you work while traveling, you should take into account the following
areas and instructions in order to maintain a high level of information security.

How sensitive is the information on my digital devices?

Do I really have to have it on the digital devices during the trip?

  • Do I really need to bring all my devices?
  • Is the information backed up?
  • Can a specific loan computer and / or loan telephone be an alternative?
  • Is the digital device software up to date?
    This applies to both computer, telephone, tablet and so on.
  • Is the digital device set with basic security?
    You should have turned on automatic screen lock, password / PIN code, updated antivirus software, etc.
  • Think about the risk of theft - never leave your devices unattended.
    If your device has been stolen - Luleå University of Technology, LTU

Open public wifi networks are shared by many, some with dubious intentions.
You should not connect to Public Wifi networks, in public places, cafes, trains, planes or Hotels. These often have low security and are therefore targets for someone who wants to steal information or your login information.

  • Use your devices as much as possible "offline" and only connect when it is a must.
  • Only connect to Wifi networks that are encrypted and require login information and always use LTU's VPN service when you are off Campus!
  • IF you need to connect over 4G or 5G, you must ensure that only your computer is given access to that connection.
  • Always use LTU's VPN service when you are off Campus!
    Read on our support pages for how to use the university's VPN service

What laws and regulations do I have to abide by when I travel?
Some countries have strict laws and regulations for, for example, how to encrypt information, what equipment may be included.
Furthermore, in some cases there are Swedish requirements for export control that also include information.

  • Are there special rules in the country in question regarding the inclusion of encrypted information?
    A number of countries have agreed to an agreement to allow encryption for personal use, see the link below to read more and see which countries allow it.
  • Do I have a colleague who has visited the country in question and who knows special things to think about?
  • Are there other rules / restrictions?
    Check with the travel agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and others who have visited the country in question.